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Build Your Legal Library

These books and prices are subject to change at any time. Please purchase the books for each term only when instructed to do so.

Tuition and fees do not include the cost of books and study materials, which are the responsibility of the student. The best effort estimate of the costs of books and study materials is $800 for the first year and an average of $1,400 per year for the next three years, or $5,000 for the four year JD program. The estimates are based on using new hardcover books when available. In many cases, casebooks can be rented and/or digital versions are available at lesser expense.

Book List

Unless otherwise noted, all books are required reading for the courses below. Please use the links below to confirm that you are selecting the correct edition/ISBN before making your purchases.


New Student Orientation


Contracts I, II and III


Criminal Law I and II


Civil Procedure I and II


Real Property I and II


Torts I, II, III


Introduction to Legal Research and Writing


Advanced Legal Writing


FYLSE Preparation

Professional Responsibility

  • Wydick, Perschbacher and Bassett’s California Legal Ethics, (9th ed. 2015) ISBN: 9781634592222
  • Morgan & Rotunda, Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility
    2017, ISBN: 978-1634607131
  • Emanuel Law Outlines: Professional Responsibility (5th Ed. 2016) ISBN 9781454868521 (recommended)


Trusts, Wills & Estates I


Contract Drafting


Drafting Pleadings


Community Property I and II


Evidence I


Intellectual Property I and II


Constitutional Law I and II

  • Massey, American Constitutional Law – Powers & Liberties, (5th ed. Aspen 2016) ISBN 9781454868330
  • Emanuel CrunchTime Constitutional Law (15th ed. Wolters Kluwer 2013) ISBN 9781454881315
  • Araiza, et al., Skills & Values: Constitutional Law (LexisNexis 2013) ISBN 9781422474518


Business Associations


Criminal Procedure


Bankruptcy Law


Alternative Dispute Resolution


General Bar Prep I

  • BarBri Outlines for Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, Real Property
  • BarBri Outlines for Criminal Procedure and Evidence
  • Nailing the Bar: How to Write Essays for Contracts, UCC, Torts and Crimes, (2014) ISBN 978-1-936160-00-6
  • Nailing the Bar: How to Write Essays for Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure (Federal Civil Procedure with California Comparison) (2014) ISBN 978-1-936160-09-9
  • Nailing the Bar: How to Write Essays for Real Property, Wills & Trusts, and California Community Property (2014) ISBN 978-1-936160-13-6
  • Nailing the Bar: How to Write Essays for Evidence, Remedies, Business Organizations, and Professional Responsibility (2014) ISBN 978-1-936160-17-4
  • Tim Tyler, How to Write Performance Tests for Bar Exams, Practical Step Press 2014 – ISBN 978-1-936160-23-5

Alternative Law

  • William F. Fox, Understanding Administrative Law, published by LexisNexis (6th ed. 2012) – ISBN 9781422498651; eBook published by Carolina Academic Press ISBN 9780327183006
  • Alfred Aman & William Penniman, Skills & Values: Administrative Law, (Carolina Academic Press 2012) – ISBN 9781422483282


  • Crunchtime, Administrative Law, (Aspen 4th ed., 2016) ISBN-13: 978-1454868507
  • Jellum and Jordan, Questions and Answers: Administrative Law, (Carolina Academic Press 3rd ed. 2015) ISBN: 9781630447892

Legal Externship

  • The Moral Compass of the American Lawyer, Richard Zitrin and Carol Langford, (1999) ISBN: 0-449-00671-9
  • Learning From Practice, A Professional Development Text for Legal Externs, Third Edition, J.P. Ogilvy, Leah Wortham and Lisa Lerman, (2016) ISBN 9781634596183
  • In Chambers: A Guide for Judicial Clerks and Externs, Jennifer Sheppard (2012), ISBN 978-1-4548-0289-1


Federal Income Taxation

  • J. Martin Burke and Michael K. Friel, Understanding Federal Income Taxation LexisNexis 5th Ed. 2016) ISBN:  9781522103486 (Understanding Federal Income Taxation)
  • Michelle L. Drumbl and Deborah S. Kearns, Skills & Values:  Federal Income Taxation (LexisNexis 2011) ISBN:  978-1-4224-7842-4 (Skills & Values)

Criminal Trial Advocacy

  • Trial Techniques and Trials, Thomas A. Mauet, Tenth Edition, (2017) ISBN 978-1-4548-86532
  • Materials in Trial Advocacy, Problems and Cases, Eighth Edition (2015) ISBN 978-1-45-4852032

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