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Our Streamlined Admissions Process

  • Our admissions process has three steps: application, interview, and decision.


To apply to the St. Francis School of Law online J.D. program, please download the application [PDF 264 KB] and submit it via admissions@stfrancislaw.com.

Standard application elements include:

  • Background Information. This includes mailing address and phone number, date of birth, academic degrees earned, professional experience, and life experience information on our application for admissions.
  • Application Fee. Your application will be processed after the non-refundable $55 (US) application fee is paid.
  • Essay. All applicants are required to write and submit an original, personal essay (500-1,000 words) addressed to the Academic Acceptance Committee. Your personal essay must describe your background, indicate why you are interested in attending law school at St. Francis School of Law, and how you intend to use the law degree.
  • Official Transcripts. St. Francis must receive an official transcript showing applicant’s bachelor degree(s) awarded and official transcripts from all graduate institutions attended. In order for a transcript to be deemed official, it must be sent directly to St. Francis by the other institution, either electronically or by postal mail.Admissions Office
    St. Francis School of Law
    895 Dove Street
    3rd Floor
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) (optional). The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is not required, but applicants who have taken the test must provide their scores.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (optional). The GRE General Test is not required, but applicants who have taken the test may choose to have their scores shared.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation/Employee Letter of Endorsement (optional).  Letters of recommendation help the Academic Acceptance Committee gain a deeper understanding of activities, work, or academic qualifications that demonstrate your strengths, motivation, personal characteristics, work ethic, analytical skills, and other relevant qualities. We accept up to two letters of recommendation. Recommendations can be professional, academic or personal, but please submit only one letter per category. For example, if one letter is a professional or employer recommendation, the second should be either personal or academic. The best sources for recommendations are your direct managers who can give insight into your work as an employee, professors who are familiar with the quality of your academic work, or personal references who can vouch for your integrity and character.
  • Technical Requirements. Applicants must meet St. Francis’ minimum technical requirements.


Admissions will contact you after your application is received to acknowledge receipt and arrange payment of the application fee. Once all required admission items are received, applicants who meet our key benchmarks will be scheduled for a telephone interview so that we can learn more about your personal background and better assess your candidacy as a St. Francis online student. Our goal is to interview as many applicants as possible; however, not all applicants are assured of an admissions interview.

The Academic Acceptance Committee reviews and considers applications as a whole. No one factor is decisive; your education, personal and career goals, experience, and achievements are all given equal weight. The process is designed to ensure that each applicant will fit in well with our student body and succeed in our curriculum.

Three key areas are carefully evaluated:

  • Scholarly achievements.
  • Professional development.
  • Character and personal development.


Scholarly Achievements

Academic background is a key factor in an applicant’s ability to succeed at St. Francis. The Academic Acceptance Committee considers:

  • The institutions attended, including the difficulty of curriculums studied, and overall intellectual aptitude.
  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Professional certifications and licenses, regardless of whether they relate to the field of law.
  • LSAT scores. Though not required for admission, these scores can reflect academic potential, and may be particularly helpful if professional experience is limited.


Professional Development

The depth and breadth of an applicant’s professional development offers insights into how he/she stands out among associates and colleagues.

To gain a better understanding of distinguishing characteristics such as ambition, commonsense, creativity, and the ability to achieve a realistic work-life balance, we examine four key areas—experience, goals, teamwork and sponsorship.

  • Breadth of experience is more important than any professional title, and the learning that comes from failures is as important as successes. We look not only at where you are today, but also at the paths that led you to this point.
  • Knowing your short-term and long-term goals and why you have chosen to attend a competitive online law school to achieve those goals will help us tailor our program to the interests and needs of each class.
  • Experience working as part of a team—as a member or a leader—is valuable, not only within St Francis, a close-knit community in which lifelong connections are built and nurtured, but throughout your career. We consider your communication and interpersonal skills, and your ability to work effectively with diverse personalities.
  • A sponsorship from your employer or organization is a strong endorsement of your skills and potential. We give sponsorships tremendous weight.


Character and Personal Development

The experiences that have shaped your character and personal development—whether it was living in a foreign country, joining the Peace Corps or the military, or volunteering in your community—show us more about who you are, the perspectives you will bring to classroom discussions, and how the St. Francis community as a whole can benefit from your participation. We take into consideration:

  • Extracurricular and volunteer activities that reflect your interests and contributions within your community and your ability to balance work with play.
  • Your responses to difficult or new situations that offer insights into your emotional intelligence and moral character, including ethical integrity, listening skills, empathy, and communication skills.


You will receive the decision of the Academic Acceptance Committee via e-mail within two weeks of the completion of your admissions file and admissions interview.


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