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Get the JD Advantage – Part 2

October 2018 and Cumulative FYLSE Results Show St Francis Students Continue to Succeed Despite Dips in Bar Exam Pass RatesThe big news in California legal circles is not about the First Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSE), but about the July 2018 California General...

Get the JD Advantage – Part 1

Across the Economy, Employers Are Anxious to Hire JD-Prepared Job Candidates Research shows the Juris Doctor (JD) degree significantly increases lifetime earning potential.1 Certainly, much of that is attributable to the work lawyers and litigators do in law practice....

New Court, New Term

A Look Ahead at Some Important Supreme Court Cases Soon to be Decided An ideologically divided Supreme Court faces a daunting calendar of important cases in the new term. Big cases involving some famous names (Apple), governments (Sudan, California, Washington, and...

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