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10 Reasons To Choose St. Francis School of Law


Our dynamic curriculum equips students with the skills to navigate and solve real-world challenges in today’s fast-paced business environment.


St. Francis boasts an accomplished faculty drawn from the highest echelons of practicing lawyers, enriching our online law degree program with practical insights from years of industry experience.

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Benefit from a personalized learning experience with our low student-to-faculty ratio, ensuring individualized instruction and attention.


Embrace cutting-edge technology with live, real-time online classes, positioning St. Francis at the forefront of innovative and effective online learning.


Our consistently high pass rates on the California General Bar Exam underscore our students’ unwavering commitment to academic excellence and success in these pivotal assessments.


Join a vibrant and diverse student body, uniting the best and brightest minds to contribute a wide spectrum of perspectives and insights to our interactive online classrooms.


St. Francis proudly holds full accreditation from the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California.


Enjoy the advantages of small class sizes, fostering robust class discussions and promoting meaningful teacher-student and student-to-student interactions within our supportive learning community.


Our dedicated academic services team maintains constant communication with students throughout the program, ensuring success in our dynamic online learning environment.  Complementing our academic support, St. Francis prioritizes student well-being with programs such as the Virtual Care Group (VCG), offering mental wellness resources to enhance the overall student experience.


As a pioneering non-profit online law school, we remain dedicated to prioritizing the holistic development of our students, free from external shareholder influences.

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