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10 Reasons To Choose St. Francis School of Law


Our high quality curriculum prepares students to apply practical, creative solutions to resolve complex, real-world problems in a fast-moving business world.


The experienced faculty at St. Francis come from the top ranks of practicing lawyers with years of experience in the fields they teach, bringing a deeper level of meaning to our online law degree curriculum.

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Our low student-to-faculty ratio gives our students more individualized instruction and personalized attention. 


Using cutting-edge technology, our classes are conducted live, in real time, placing St. Francis at the forefront of online learning.


Our cumulative pass rates on the First Year Law Students Exam, and the California General Bar Exam, demonstrate our students’ and graduates’ commitment to academic achievement and success on these exams.


Our diverse, high quality student body includes the best and brightest, bringing a broad range of perspectives and insights into our online and interactive classrooms. 


St. Francis is proud to be fully accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California.


Our small class sizes increase opportunities for class discussion and more teacher-student, and student-to-student contact, fostering a closely-knit, supportive learning community.


Academic support is provided by a dedicated team that stays in touch with students throughout the entire program, helping ensure every student’s success in our online learning environment. 


As the first not-for-profit online law school in operation, St. Francis School of Law stands apart from all other online law schools as an institution dedicated to the interests of our students (and not beholden to shareholders).

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