“St. Francis opened the opportunity for me to attend law school and prepare for a career in law, not only through technology-enabled “anywhere” learning but also by including practical application in addition to legal theory.  The experienced faculty members are engaging and inspiring and have shown sincere interest in helping me and each of my classmates to gain a working knowledge of the law.  I am both challenged and fulfilled by the experience!”

— Mary McCaffrey (Class of 2016)

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“After my diligent search for the ideal law school to attend, I decided on St. Francis Law School for three principle reasons: The professors, who are working professionals and attorneys; the ‘live’ online class environment; and the student body.

I am now in my fourth year with St. Francis Law and it has been a very rewarding experience.  The school has exceeded my expectation and given me a great wealth of knowledge and confidence to boot.  The professors are knowledgeable and supportive, the class assignments are challenging but relevant and meaningful, and the student body interactions are dynamic and fun.

The learning environment is ideal for a working professional, both in terms of the methods through which the law is taught and its relevant application to the modern day business and technological environments.  If you are willing to put in the time and dedication, St. Francis Law School is the ideal vehicle to get to your ultimate goal of becoming an attorney.”

— Hai B. Nguyen, CPA (Class of 2016)

“I can say, having just taken the bar exam earlier this week, that learning how to write a bar exam essay in the very first year made approaching the exam a little less nerve wracking.”

— Megan Thompson-Mann, J.D. (Class of 2019)

“I have always appreciated the St. Francis focus on the practical, real-world, hands-on, on-the-ground view of the law.  I think it’s great that my teachers are practicing attorneys with long-standing specializations in the areas that they teach.  We are taught what the law is, and challenged to apply it well in regulatory agency forms, court briefs, mediation position papers, client letters, etc.”

— Charles Cresson Wood, MBA, MSE, CISA, CISM, CISSP (Class of 2016)

“I asked our graduates why they chose St. Francis and what they hoped to accomplish and experience during their time with us. They all told me that they looked for a high-quality law school which would allow them to learn the law and manage the rest of their life- that is their professional life, and their personal life.”

— Professor Karen Travis, St. Francis School of Law Faculty

“The Juris Doctor signifies that a person has completed a comprehensive and rigorous course of study in the subject matter, principles, and skills necessary to be an effective lawyer and a contributing member of the legal profession. Completion of a juris doctorate degree is something that takes talent, intellectual curiosity, and commitment.”

— Greg Brandes, Dean, St. Francis School of Law Faculty

“My professional occupation requires legal knowledge and St. Francis is my primary resource. The last two years have been so much more than an exposure to law and much more of an entirely new way of thinking and understanding.

The curriculum at St. Francis has provided me with a completely new perspective on rules and regulations, as well as the number of ways to interpret and analyze those. I have been challenged and pushed beyond any of my expectations and have gained so much in return.

The professors at St. Francis are true professionals with extensive experience in their chosen fields and the ability to share that depth of knowledge. I continue to be amazed by the quality of education they provide, along with their commitment to my individual success.

My experience at St. Francis has granted me an appreciation for those in the legal field by providing me with an understanding of the sacrifices and perseverance that is necessary to achieve a solid foundation in law. Nothing about law school is easy, but the rewards of achieving my goals and succeeding on my path are worth the effort.”

— Rebecca Douglas (Class of 2016)

“Our program is not for everyone. It is far more rigorous than the stereotype of online schools, for that matter. It is far more rigorous than many traditional brick and mortar schools.”

— Meagan Thompson-Mann, J.D. (Class of 2019)

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