At St. Francis School of Law, our graduates serve as the finest ambassadors of our program’s excellence.  In their own words, they share the transformative power of a legal education at St. Francis.  Alongside their stories, our Dean of Law offers valuable insights into the unique journey our students embark on.



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Anna Kreshock, 2023

“Given my schedule and availability for classes and such, I appreciated the flexibility that St Francis brought.  But on top of that, when I was researching schools, I did look in to see who the alumni were and what type of positions they held and having people come from diverse backgrounds like myself in terms of academic and experiential, professional careers, it felt like the perfect fit.

I think that there were many fruitful nuggets in every class that I took and certainly in terms of the critical thinking aspect of it, I was able to apply that in my job immediately and gradually continue to develop it.

Be excited to know that it is a wonderful place to demonstrate your experience, to add your voice to the discussion, and then also really be prepared to be surrounded by wonderful staff and students who are just as excited to bring and to contribute to the discussion piece of it.”

— Anna Kreshock (Class of 2023)

“I will tell people about St. Francis the same things that I tell my friends who have talked about, ‘Oh, I always thought I wanted to go to law school’; do it.  Stop talking about it and do it.  It will be perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve ever had.  It has been a wonderful experience.”

— Marilyn Gates (Class of 2023)

Marilyn Gates, 2023
RSS Stewart, 2023

“The attractiveness of online education is that you can do it from anywhere.  I live in Iowa, and the school is in California.  We had someone from our cohort who just graduated from Taiwan.  So, literally from anywhere in the world, you can do it as long as you’re motivated to stay up with your classes.”

— RRS Stewart (Class of 2023)

“I did go online to do my research, and of all the online law schools, St. Francis had the most prestigious reputation.

At St Francis, we are taught all the subjects that are tested on the bar.  And at the end of our fourth year, we are enrolled in a bar prep course taught by St. Francis professors.  And the bar prep course really helped prepare us to take the bar exam.

I’m really proud of being a graduate of St. Francis.  I’m really grateful for the education that I’ve had.  I feel that St. Francis has such a great curriculum and when I went and took the bar exam, I came in feeling pretty confident.”

— Tammie Ton (Class of 2023)

Tammie Ton, 2023
Zach Worsley, 2023

“St. Francis is a really unique program, has phenomenal faculty and professors, and you’ll build some really great friendships with the students who attend.  It’s a very collegial atmosphere, which I really enjoyed.”

— Zach Worsley (Class of 2023)

“I asked our graduates why they chose St. Francis and what they hoped to accomplish and experience during their time with us.  They all told me that they looked for a high-quality law school which would allow them to learn the law and manage the rest of their life- that is their professional life, and their personal life.”

— Professor Karen Travis, Dean, St. Francis School of Law

Karen Travis
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