Core Values

Core Values

Underlying our mission are our four Core Values—the fundamental beliefs that articulate, guide and direct everything we do—Quality, Transparency, Integrity, and Innovation.


The quality of our institution relies on the excellence of our administration, faculty, curriculum, technology, and student body. We achieve quality through inspiring leadership, responsive administration, a comprehensive and challenging program, a collaborative and supportive learning environment, and by attracting and retaining the best faculty, staff, and students.


We value the unique contributions made by every person connected with our educational institution. We nourish honest, respectful ideas, and foster an open and inclusive environment, treating each person in a manner that reflects the values of St. Francis School of Law.


We take responsibility for the trust placed in our institution by our faculty, staff, and students. We say what we mean, and our actions and behaviors confirm what we say. We set high standards and remain committed to them. We are dedicated, responsible, fair, and ethical, even in difficult situations.


We understand the importance of working collaboratively to continuously improve our educational processes and technology platform, and enhance our curriculum. We value diversity and welcome ideas to develop skills, foster talents, and inspire faculty, staff, and students.

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