The California State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners has the responsibility of conducting periodic inspections of all law schools in California other than ABA law schools. In doing so, the Committee examines the entire operation of law schools, including the school’s administration, faculty, and student outcomes, among other measures. Over the past several months, the Committee conducted its periodic inspection of St. Francis School of Law. The process encompassed review of the past five years of the school’s operations. Consultant Sally Perring, former academic dean at San Joaquin College of Law, inspected the St. Francis distance learning online Juris Doctor program on behalf of the State Bar. St. Francis and Ms. Perring conducted an in depth analysis of the St. Francis Juris Doctor program, faculty, curriculum, and the performance St. Francis students. Ms. Perring received extensive input from the school, faculty, administrators and current students. Ms. Perring’s report was submitted to the Director of Legal Education for the Committee, George Leal. The final report was presented to the full Committee at its December 2, 2016 meeting in San Francisco, where St. Francis Dean Carole J. Buckner was present. The process confirmed the quality of the program and the St. Francis faculty, and the impressive performance of St. Francis students. The Committee accepted the report and will conduct the next inspection of the program in five years.