Jeff PriceA federal jury recently awarded $5 million in compensatory damages to a man was wrongly accused, charged and jailed for six months, plus $5,000 in punitive damages.  St. Francis School of Law Professor Jeff Dominic Price represented the man in the Los Angeles case.  St. Francis graduate Mary McCaffrey (class of 2016) worked with Price on the case.

Price, who practices law in Southern California, is a Professor at St. Francis School of Law, and has taught several courses, including Evidence, Advanced Legal Writing, and Criminal Procedure.  These courses are designed to feature practical professional lawyering skills.  Price is also certified by the California State Bar as an appellate specialist.

In commenting on the trial, Price spoke highly of McCaffrey’s talent.  McCaffrey indicated it was a good experience, and that Price did great work on the case.  On behalf of St. Francis School of Law, Dean Carole Buckner congratulated both of them on vindicating the important legal rights of their client.Mary McCaffrey

St. Francis School of Law produces graduates who are capable of practicing law immediately upon graduation through an accessible, high quality program that emphasizes practical professional skills.  Our mission is recognized through the success of our graduates, who have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the lives of those they represent.  Well done and congratulations!