St. Francis School of Law Dean Carole Buckner announced that our students have reported that 100% of our students taking the First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE) for the first time have passed the most recent exam. Results were released in December 2016 for the October 2016 exam. “This is an outstanding result,” Dean Buckner said. “Our students’ performance on this challenging exam was impressive.” Overall, 70% of all St. Francis students taking the exam passed, including 40% of the students repeating the exam. This moves the cumulative passage rate for this exam since the inception of the St. Francis program to 78%.

Dean Buckner acknowledged all of the first year professors teaching in the St. Francis program for their excellent instruction. St. Francis professors have extensive practical experience in the subject they are teaching. They also receive training in the use of St. Francis’ cutting edge classroom technology. Professors provide weekly feedback to students on written assignments.

Dean Buckner, and the students who passed the exam, also recognized the excellent work of Prof. Karen Travis, who teaches the FYLSE preparation course at St. Francis. St. Francis’ preparation course for the FYLSE is incorporated into the curriculum for the program. The course includes review and extensive practice and feedback. Professor Travis also incorporates personal mentoring into the course.

These outstanding results reflect the many improvements to the St. Francis curriculum overall, as well as the benefit to students of having small classes where they receive individualized attention to their work in St. Francis’ online J.D. program.

Congratulations to all of our continuing students on meeting this milestone!