St Francis School of Law students were among the 400+ law students taking the First Year Law Student’s Exam (FYLSE) in June 2016.  Out of 1600+ essays written on this most recent exam, only six essays were selected and published by the State Bar as exemplary answers to the essay questions.  Out of these six essays, two of the selected answers were written by St. Francis students from Professor Travis’ and Professor Woodward’s last FYLSE Prep class.  Congratulations to those students who authored these exemplary answers.

During the ten week FYLSE Prep class, students receive grading and detailed feedback on around 35 practice essays in the areas of torts, criminal law and contracts.  The two St Francis essays selected by the State Bar for publication were written in the areas of torts and contract law and reflected the diligent work of our students during the prep class.  

Dean Buckner, as well as the St. Francis faculty and administration, commends all of our students who were successful on the June 2016 FYLSE.  To access these St Francis student essays, see Essay #1-Answer B and Essay #2- Answer B on the California State Bar website here.  We look forward to seeing many more St Francis student essays recognized for their excellence with publication by the State Bar.