Everyone at St. Francis School of Law is wishing the best to the latest group of St. Francis students sitting for the California State Bar’s First Year Law Students Exam this week.  These students are well prepared for the test.  After completing their first year of law study, covering contracts, torts and criminal law, students complete a series of workshops and a 10 week preparation course designed to help students practice the exam taking skills needed for the exam.  The for-credit course includes a review of each subject, along with hundreds of multiple choice questions, as well as numerous practice essays covering each of the tested areas.  Students also take three full day “mock” exams, to prepare for the rigors of taking the FYLSE, a seven hour test with four essays and 100 multiple choice questions.  Prof. Karen Travis teaches the FYLSE Prep class at St. Francis.  She has an excellent track record of success with students with students on this exam.