At St. Francis School of Law, our mission is to produce graduates who are capable of practicing law immediately upon graduation through an accessible, high quality program that emphasizes practical professional skills.  This mission drives everything we do and guides our operations at every level.

Our program is designed to produce graduates capable of practicing law immediately upon graduation.  Not all law schools are designed to do this.  This goal of producing graduates capable of practicing law drives our selection of faculty at St. Francis.  Our faculty members are highly experienced in their fields of law practice, and many of them are also highly experienced in teaching the law.  Most faculty members at St. Francis School of Law continue to be engaged in the practice of law.  This means our faculty members are not delivering a curriculum based simply on what is in the book.  Our faculty can tell you what is going on in the courtroom and in the board room.  They have been there, and they can talk about what it is like to engage in the practice of law in the real world while teaching a program focused on practical skills rather than purely theoretical or philosophical considerations.

The Juris Doctor program is also focused on practical professional skills, from drafting contracts, to board room presentations, to drafting pleadings.  Each of our upper level courses includes practical professional skills.  You will learn to draft fee agreements, negotiate settlements, mediate, arbitrate, craft letters to clients, draft a will, draft research memoranda, conduct legal research, draft shareholder agreements, respond to objections in the court room, and etc.  You will make oral arguments to the court.  You will make presentations to the board.  Our program is designed to get you ready to practice law.

Our program is live and interactive, with real time face-to-face, voice-to-voice contact twice a week with your professors where you are immersed in discussion of the law.  This high-quality interaction with experienced professors focused on practical skills fulfills our mission and distinguishes the St. Francis Juris Doctor program.