Harvey SchweitzerSt. Francis School of Law is pleased to announce that Professor Harvey Schweitzer has been selected to handle appellate matters for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. He is assigned to two different panels. Prof. Schweitzer represents parents from any Maryland county in Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) cases at the appellate level. He is also assigned to represent parents from western Maryland, including Montgomery County, at the trial court level in CINA cases. CINA cases arise when children are removed from the home due to alleged abuse or neglect.

Prof. Schweitzer teaches Introduction to Legal Research and Writing and Advanced Legal Writing for St. Francis School of Law. He has also designed and developed a course on Children and the Law, based upon his extensive experience in the field. St. Francis School of Law faculty members have extensive experience in the areas of law in which they are teaching, bringing practical professional skills into the classroom experience.