Dean Carole J. Buckner has announced that St. Francis School of Law will offer a new course on discovery practice.  The course will focus on the practical professional lawyering skills that are involved in handling litigation matters.  The course utilizes a mock product liability lawsuit.  Students are assigned to represent the plaintiff, an individual, or the defendant, a drug manufacturer.

Students will conduct discovery in the case much as attorneys would, while learning how to craft each of the specific discovery devices, including interrogatories, which are written questions exchanged by the parties, document requests, and requests to admit key facts in the mock case.

Students will also conduct a mock deposition of an adverse witness, as part of the course, after receiving instruction on taking depositions.  The students enrolled in the course will receive feedback on their work from St. Francis’ experienced faculty who have extensive experience with handling discovery in civil litigation.

The development of core professional lawyering skills is an important part of the St. Francis curriculum.  Visit our website to find out more about the St. Francis online Juris Doctor program.