In keeping with its mission to produce lawyers who are capable of practicing law immediately upon graduation, St. Francis School of Law has added a new course to its extensive Professional Skills curriculum devoted to drafting legal correspondence. The course covers drafting correspondence to opposing parties, including drafting demand letters addressing settlement. The course also covers drafting correspondence to clients, including engagement letters and letters advising clients on the law. The course covers all of the required components for each type of communication, and includes instruction regarding tone, style and important strategic considerations.

The St. Francis curriculum now includes a series of courses focused exclusively on practical professional skills, including courses in drafting pleadings, drafting contracts, drafting discovery, drafting legal correspondence, and drafting motions. In addition, students learn legal research, legal writing and citation in two required classes, Introduction to Legal Writing and Advanced Legal Writing. Doctrinal courses in the upper level St. Francis curriculum also include simulations and practical skills components in every course.