From time to time we are asked by prospective applicants what it is like to be a student in the St. Francis School of Law Juris Doctor Program. Here are some insights from one of our third year students.

“I am entrepreneurial myself and have enjoyed the creative experience and innovation lab that is St. Francis. While some people might prefer the anonymity of a large lecture hall, I have appreciated the ability in the SFL “small classroom” to develop positive working relationships with the outstanding faculty and my wonderful classmates. Live and interactive classes make the St. Francis experience a very real legal education and as Socratic as any brick and mortar school.

“Most of us have lives and we find conflicting obligations presenting themselves. Technology has erased many barriers and St. Francis makes technology easy to exploit. I have twice attended class in an airport departure lounge and have signed in numerous other times in a hotel guest room or lobby. Sometimes when running late traveling home, I can listen to the first part of class with my smart phone.

“Just like in the movies, we distance law students benefit by forming study groups. While very few of my classmates live close by, I maintain contact with some via email or social media chat. Four of us touch daily over Facebook messenger – this has been golden in reminding each other of assignments, interpreting instructions, and providing encouragement. I hope to maintain these fine friendships long after graduation.”

Jim Wass
Riverdale, Maryland
St. Francis School of Law 3L Student