At St. Francis School of Law, we operate our Juris Doctor program in line with our vision and our values.

The vision for the St. Francis School of Law J.D. program is to create the world’s first elite online law school.  We are elite in several different respects.  Our program does not admit every student that applies.  Instead, we are selective in admissions, selecting students with excellent background for the program.  Our last class has an average undergraduate GPA of 3.3 and an average graduate GPA of 3.63.  Just over one-third of the class holds a professional license in another field.  The class overall has 17 years of prior work experience in a variety of industries including technology, law and politics, business, healthcare, and education.  It is an impressive group of students in every way.

Our program also qualifies as elite in providing students with state-of-the-art technology, incorporating the Blackboard learning management system, WebEx for live classes, and RPNow for exam proctoring.  St. Francis leverages the combination of technology to bring students a cutting-edge, highly innovative program.  We are committed to providing students with the latest and greatest in technology.

Our program also leverages an elite faculty of highly experienced practitioners, teaching in the disciplines in which they have extensive experience.  Our faculty brings the real world of law practice into the St. Francis classrooms, going beyond traditional legal education by providing a real world perspective.  Our small, live courses provide personalized attention from professors on a weekly basis.

Our program provides a comprehensive curriculum from essential foundational information, bar exam preparation that is incorporated into our program, and embedded professional skills instruction, preparing students for the actual practice of law.

Core Values:  St. Francis continually renews its commitment to its core values.

Integrity:  We have established the St. Francis Honor Code which governs student integrity.  We practice fair, equitable treatment in all situations.

Quality:  We strive for quality in all aspects of our program, including quality students, faculty, administrators, and technology.  We do this through continuous improvement.

Transparency:  We partner in a transparent fashion to improve learning and operations at all levels, sharing our performance internally and externally.

Innovation:  We are not constrained by how legal education is traditionally delivered, and constantly evaluate new and better ways of inspiring faculty and students to strive for the best.