St. Francis School of Law students distinguished themselves, again, with a 100% pass rate, by student report, on the June 2017 First Year Law Student Examination (FYLSE) in California. Official results for that exam were just posted this week, and the overall pass rate for all takers was, again, a low 22.3% on this very tough exam. Schools teaching law primarily by distance learning again led the field, with a first-time taker pass rates more than 30% higher than the overall first-time rate (37.8% v. 28.2%.)

These results continue the traditional outstanding St. Francis School of Law pass rates on the FYLSE. 100% of St. Francis School of Law first time takers also passed the October 2016 FYLSE.

2017 FYLSE Results St. Francis School of Law

The FYLSE is a measure of substantive knowledge and test-taking ability, and is required at the end of one year of law study for students attending law schools registered with, though not accredited by, the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. It consists of 100 timed multiple-choice items and 4 timed essay items, administered over the course of a long, seven-hour day of testing. (With breaks, the FYLSE has the longest programmed testing day of any professional licensing exam.) Pass rates are low, even by California Bar Exam (CBX) standards, because the test requires students to perform writing and analytical skills at full professional levels after just one year of law study. The subjects tested are Torts, Criminal Law, and Contracts, three of the largest substantive areas of law.

St. Francis School of Law students traditionally do exceptionally well on the FYLSE. Since the exam in October 2014, 86% of St. Francis School of Law students who have attempted the FYLSE one or more times have passed it — 36 unique takers, and 31 passers — according to school records compiled from student reports (complete official exam results are not available for all exams.)

Professor Karen Travis, who leads the St. Francis Academic Excellence Program, attributes the pass rate to these students’ hard work, grit, and maturity. “The typical St. Francis student comes to the school with a lengthy record of accomplishments in life, work, and academics, and knows what it takes to be successful in important matters. We teach them about the legal doctrine and skills necessary to pass the professional licensing exams, of course, but the determination and dedication to do the work required to pass are all theirs.”

Congratulations and well done to our talented and committed St. Francis students! You make us proud!